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About Atlantica Online

Halo agan dan aganwati ...saya ingin memperkenalkan sebuah game online Atlantica Online khususnya untuk newbie atau yang baru tahu mengenai game ini (jika ada player yang udah pro boleh berbagi pengalaman di thread ini)

Atlantica Online adalah game online berbasis MMORPG + Turn Based...gameplaynya mirip Final Fantasy 7 + Suikoden 2 (gamenya seru, tentunya bagi yang suka maen game" RPG seperti Final Fantasy + Suikoden)

Saat ini Atlantica Online telah hadir di Indonesia dikelola oleh PT.KREON publisher Gemscool (yang ngeluarin game online Point Blank)...ini link buat registrasi + download client Atlantica Online :

Closed Beta Atlantica Online dimulai tgl 6 Mei 2010 jam 12.00...so bagi pecinta game RPG + Turn Based jgn sampai ketinggalan ya...ada event berhadiah juga lho, lebih lengkapnya simak di forum gemscool Atlantica Online :

Untuk perkenalan gamenya saya akan berbagi sedikit info untuk kaskuser...ada 9 macam job main character yang nantinya dapat kalian pilih di dalam game Atlantica Online...ok langsung disimak aja ya picturenya :
Spoiler for 1. Swordman:

Spoiler for 2. Spearman:

Spoiler for 3. Axe:

Spoiler for 4. Gunner:

Spoiler for 5. Archer:

Spoiler for 6. Cannon:

Spoiler for 7. Staff:

Spoiler for 8. Musician:

Spoiler for 9. Maniac (Hanya bisa dipilih apabila kita telah mencapai Main Char Lv.100):

Total ada 26 macam mercenary di Atlantica Online yang bisa didapatkan di game (Class D, C, B, A)
Mercenary D-Class :
1. Swordman
The Swordsman is a mercenary who specializes in [Defense] and [Strength]. He can also equip a shield. Do you want to defend your allies against enemies?
A Swordsman can act as a defensive shield for your other mercenaries. However, he can only strike one enemy in a single attack. He can use [Flame Sword] magic to deal high damage to one enemy.
Spoiler for 1:

2. Spearman
The Spearman is a melee mercenary who uses a long spear with high attack power. He can attack two enemies in a line with his spear, dealing powerful damage to both foes. He can't use a shield, and his durability is lower than other melee mercenaries. He wields [Lightning Spear] magic that lowers the enemy's action power.
Spoiler for 2:

3. Archer
With hawk-like eyes, Archers can pinpoint their query and attack - even if the target is hiding in the enemy's back row. They can only attack one target at a time, but they can act frequently due to their high Action Power. They have the lowest Vitality of all long range mercenaries, but they possess a high evasion rate. They can use the [Silence] spell to disable the enemy's magic.
Spoiler for 3:

4. Gunner
A Gunner's bullet can penetrate the enemy ranks, striking all three foes in a line from front to back! For a ranged mercenary, she has high vitality, and she can endure the enemy's attacks to some extent. If you want a mercenary who can attack a wide range of enemies, then the Gunner is a wise choice. She uses the [Wild Shot] skill to deal high damage.
Spoiler for 4:

5. Artilleryman
An Artilleryman can use cannons to attack any position on the enemy line. Cannons are effective weapons that do damage in a cross-pattern. Although his Attack Power is lower than other mercenaries, most enemies cannot escape his high accuracy. Moreover, he has higher health than other ranged mercenaries, so he can survive heavy attacks longer. He can use [Deep Insight] magic to reveal the enemy's health, and deal a slight amount of damage to them each turn.
Spoiler for 5:

6. Shaman
The Shaman was offered up to serve the gods when she was young. Due to her low Vitality and Attack Power, she may seem to be a liability. However, she possesses a unique type of magic called [Blessing of Life] that can heal you and your mercenaries during battle. If she is taken care of properly, she can become a valuable addition to your group. The Shaman can also use [Hex of Darkness] magic to inflict continual damage, and [Brutal Will] magic to substantially increase her group's ability to deal damage. However, mercenaries affected by this magic attack randomly and take damage every turn.
Spoiler for 6:

7. Monk
Monks possess an ancient knowledge of Taoist magic and are educated in secret arts that have been passed down for generations. They have a degree of Magic Power that few others possess. The Monk has very weak attack power and vitality, but posses an array of mystical abilities. They are the only ones who can revive a stunned comrade with [Awakening] and they can make allies immune to magical attacks with [Holy Guard]. You can start the Monk recruitment quest through Huike near Beijing.
Spoiler for 7:

8. Viking
The Viking has a big body and strong vitality from years of enduring the wild seas. He uses his whole body as a shield to defend against enemies. With a single strike of his great axe, a Viking can hit three enemies in the same row. If you want to protect yourself from the enemies' attack with strong Vitality, choose the Viking. However, he has very low magic defense and slow action power. He uses [Freezing Axe] magic to freeze the enemy in ice and take away their turn.
Spoiler for 8:

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